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About  Farmzila

At Farmzila, we are in pursuit of living more simply, naturally, and conscious of our environment. We prefer going back to basics in order to provide pesticide, herbicide and chemical free high-quality products like Barley right from the farmers land to you. By keeping it all natural we not only sustain the nutritive value of the food but also ensure that you are able to live great while getting on the path to better health.

         Key Belief

At Farmzila, the key belief is to proactively bring to the market, clean natural ingredients, transparent and honest labels, and implementation of sustainable and fair practices. We adhere to our values by maintaining the highest standard of quality and ensuring that they are worthy of our seal of approval. Our informed choices sustain our belief of preserving personal health and the health of the planet.

     Code of Ethics

It is important to ensure that all products that reach our consumers are sustainably grown and ethically farmed as well as procured. Along with that, it is also important for us to ascertain that our farmers were fairly paid, their health & safety were safeguarded and they were respected for their produce. This is why at Farmzila we are committed to sourcing our Barley products and range in a sustainable and ethical way, by working directly with farmers’ cooperatives.

     Guiding Light 

Supporting Barley Cultivation is at the core of our vision and mission. With so much in-discrepancy taking place in the farming industry, we take resolute responsibility in providing a respectable status to farmers and upgrading them socially and economically. Secondly, we believe living well begins with eating well. Therefore, it is our determination to guarantee natural ingredients to consumers that are free from artificial colours, flavours, preservatives and other added chemicals. We aim to indulge in mindful business practices that over the long term reduce the carbon footprint on the planet. We source only quality products that are sustainably produced by traditional farming methods, thereby creating a distribution chain that is both ecologically and socially responsible. Consider this homage to the ancient agricultural traditions!!

Our Story

I can trace the roots of this journey to four years  back when I was tested positive for sugar and doctor declared me as a diabetic patient, I was petrified and shocked to hear the news. I calmed myself and started digging deep into my family history to understand the reasons for this genetic disorder and realized it’s a combination of genetic and environmental risk factors. The next steps were to immediately get into a healthy diet and fitness regime where I can control this and lead a healthy lifestyle. I altered my breakfast to porridge daily for one year and when I did a routine check-up during one of my business trips to Singapore at Mount Elizabeth Hospital I was stunned to hear that I have been infected with another deadly problem called Cholesterol due to increase in sugar levels. I returned to UK with a depressed state of mind and was very discouraged about the two health issues I had been diagnosed. All this was going on and one of my friends who is an avid reader about food industry and has immense knowledge about foods suggested me to stop porridge breakfast diet and starting my breakfast with Barley. I hooked to his suggestion and this continued for four months when I was called for a routine review and check-up with my local General Physician and voila once the results came in to my utter surprise the cholesterol level was below the national average and Sugar was in control, the Doctor was astonished to see the results and he was eager to question me about my lifestyle change and how this has come under control and I have suggested about my friends advise on Barley and Barley flakes. Doctor was surprised that this ancient grain had made wonders to me and he promised to refer his other patients and advise the same. I was advised to discontinue the cholesterol tablet and I shared this amazing news to my family, relative and friends who are also infested by diabetes, cholesterol and overweight problems. This gave me a thought on passing this extra ordinary message and health benefits for the numerous people who are infested with this deadly disease. I made my up mind and started a small pilot scheme while researching more on the health benefit’s about Barley. The scheme is going well for the last six months I have received a very very good positive feedback from all of my friends and relatives who are suffering from sugar, cholesterol   and overweight problem. The entrepreneurial spirit ignited and I started to think about starting my own health and wellness based food business. Initially I bought Barley from Holland and Barrett sold door to door in Bangladesh and also in Crawley, West Sussex with very little margins and it has been fruitful and satisfying for the last one year. The exploratory phase has ended and now I want to explore the opportunity of marketing and promoting the health benefits commercially to all people. We are a consumer focused company presenting exceptional healthy benefits of this wonder grain Barley made with love from the bottom of our hearts.

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